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June 2013 Archives

What to expect with same-sex marriage coming to Minnesota

Minnesota has now become the 12th state in the nation to recognize same-sex marriage. While same-sex marriage does appear to be a growing trend across the nation, even states that do allow it will not necessarily provide uniformity as to the way the marriages are conducted or recognized. And simply because a couple is allowed to marry in one particular state does not guarantee that they will also be allowed to obtain a divorce in that state.

Proposed law for equal time sharing for parents in Minnesota

A piece of proposed legislation that has in the past been introduced in the Minnesota legislature is finding what might seem like unlikely support. A bill that was to introduce what is called "equally shared parenting" into law had passed both the Minnesota Senate and House in 2012, but the initiative has since stalled as Governor Dayton had not signed it into law.

Famed boxer grapples with child support dispute

Evander Holyfield was among the most successful figures in professional boxing. Since he has put down the gloves, however, his financial situation has changed drastically. Readers in Minneapolis may be interested to know that the former champion is now at risk of losing his driver's license due to unpaid child support.

Advice of a Minnesota Family Law judge

The advice of a Minnesota family law judge provided more than a decade ago has been recently quoted in a Huffington Post article.  The judge was concerned that the parents would criticize each other in the presence of the child, and that such criticism would ultimately affect the child's self-esteem.

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