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September 2013 Archives

Controversial child support ad sparks debate in one U.S. state

From the television news and the morning paper to the car radio and the billboards lining the road, most of us encounter countless advertisements over the course of just our regular morning routine. While we ignore the majority of these advertisements, there are always a few that might make us smile, frown or perhaps even feel a bit uncomfortable.

How an empty nest can present real challenges for Boomer parents

For many Baby Boomer parents, there is no greater moment than helping the last of their children carry their belongings into their first-year dorm for the start of their college career. At this time, they will likely experience a sense of pride in knowing that all of their children are on their way to bright futures, as well as a sense of excitement in knowing that they will finally have an empty nest.

How social media can become problematic for divorcing spouses

Thanks to advancements in technology, access to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter has become as simple as making just a few keystrokes on a tablet computer or swipes on a smartphone screen. In fact, access to these online platforms is no longer confined to just the young or the computer savvy, as people of all ages are now keeping up with the world around them via social media.

Important considerations for older adults considering divorce

There is no question that the idea of divorcing after the age of 50 can prove to be a rather frightening prospect. In fact, many otherwise unhappy spouses probably decide to put off divorce for fear that it could wreak havoc on their personal and their financial lives.

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