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November 2013 Archives

How the Golden Arches are front and center in visitation dispute

If you were to take an informal poll of a group of kids between the ages of five to ten to learn what they would eat for dinner every single night if given the choice, there is a very good chance the answer would be unanimous: fast food. Interestingly, one young child's love of a particular fast food chain and his father's subsequent denial of his wish to eat dinner there is now taking center stage in a bitter divorce case that has made headlines across the nation.

When can a parent ask DHS for help in collecting child support?

Many parents in Minnesota understand the importance of child support to a custodial parent. Child support allows the custodial parent to provide his or her children with basic necessities. This can include anything from food, clothing and shelter to education and medical expenses. Unfortunately, sometimes a noncustodial parent fails to live up to his or her end of a child support order. Paying child support, however, is not an option.

Study shows what cities, states have the highest divorce rate

In previous posts, our blog has examined some very interesting studies setting forth some rather novel reasons for why couples are more likely to pursue divorce. For instance, one study found that home remodeling may put undue strain on marriages, while another determined that secret credit card purchases may have a similar effect.

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