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December 2013 Archives

For growing number of couples, divorce isn't necessarily the end

In 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau began asking the American public a series of questions about divorce for the very first time. These 2008 statistics ultimately revealed that 9.3 percent of men and 11.9 percent of women had divorced over the course of the last year.

More and more couples are wondering about prenups

For many years, the prevailing mindset concerning prenuptial agreements was that it was something to be avoided, as it was nothing more than a tacit admission that a marriage was doomed to end in divorce. Fortunately, this mindset has evolved considerably such that prenuptial agreements are now a fixture of many modern marriages, right up there with the wedding cake and flowers.

Santa Claus and custody: who decides what to tell the kids?

As parents, we know that Santa Claus isn’t real. We know that there isn’t a jolly man who travels around the world leaving presents under the tree for the children that have been good and coal in the stockings of those that haven’t. We all know this, but parents are divided on whether or not to share this fact with their young children.

Startup takes unique approach to divorce mediation

Many people are familiar with at least one vital statistic concerning divorce here in the U.S.: Almost half of all marriages will end in a split. While this number is still somewhat shocking despite the passage of time, it is important to note that the divorce process has evolved over the years such that it isn't necessarily as difficult as it once was.

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