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April 2014 Archives

The importance of taking charge of post-divorce finances

Once a person finalizes their divorce, they are more than likely ready to move forward with a new chapter in their life. This, of course, means everything from adapting to new child custody arrangements and child support obligations to solidifying new living arrangements and adjusting their finances.

Private custody transfers now strictly regulated in Wisconsin

Minnesota's neighbor to the east made headlines across the nation last week after becoming the first state to pass a child custody-related law expressly prohibiting an unregulated and otherwise dangerous practice known as "re-homing."

Man shocked to learn child support payments may last indefinitely

When people secure a divorce in another country, they may find themselves subject to unfamiliar laws, and involved in legal processes that bear little resemblance to what they have previously seen and heard here in the U.S.

Research shows the divorce rate is much higher than we thought

By far, one of the most well-known and oft-repeated maxims concerning marriage and divorce is that "50 percent of all marriages end in a split." While many people view this as gospel, recent studies have suggested that this is not necessarily the case, as the divorce rate has actually been steadily declining since reaching its peak in the 1980s.

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