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Posts tagged "Family Law"

Update concerning Idaho's passage of international child support treaty

Last week, we discussed how the recent decision of a House Committee in Idaho not only threatened the fate of a long awaited and carefully structured international treaty on child support, but also the state's child welfare system.

Consider making a prenup part of your wedding day planning

There is perhaps no more beautiful time of the year here in Minnesota than the autumn season. That's because during this three-month period before the onset of the cold, people will be treated to mild temperatures and picturesque landscapes framed by the brightly colored leaves.

Why are officials in one nation limiting divorces to 15 per day?

Last time, our blog discussed how one family law attorney identified what he believed were the seven worst states for divorce based on such interesting points as filing fees, waiting periods, etc. and briefly examined the difficulty of actually securing a divorce in some of these states.

Should a postnup accompany any stay-at-home parenting agreement?

When a married couple makes the decision to have children, it goes without saying that there will be more than a few changes in their lives. For instance, the couple will have to make a very important decision concerning daycare: Will they pay someone to take care of their children during the day or will one of the parents decide to leave their job to become a full-time daycare provider?

How social media can become problematic for divorcing spouses

Thanks to advancements in technology, access to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter has become as simple as making just a few keystrokes on a tablet computer or swipes on a smartphone screen. In fact, access to these online platforms is no longer confined to just the young or the computer savvy, as people of all ages are now keeping up with the world around them via social media.

Experts urge all MN couples to consider the impact of marriage

At approximately 12 a.m. this morning, Minnesota officially became the 12th state to grant legal recognition to same-sex marriages. Specifically, the law signed by Governor Mark Dayton back on May 14 now permits "civil marriages" between any two people regardless of their sexual orientation and clears the way for these same-sex couples to enjoy a host of benefits to which they were previously denied access.

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