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Posts tagged "divorce alternative"

How much do you know about divorce and financial Early Neutral Evaluation? - III

In today's post, we'll conclude our ongoing discussion of financial Early Neutral Evaluation, a court-ordered process in which divorcing spouses, each represented by an attorney, come together to resolve outstanding financial issues with the assistance of a certified neutral evaluator.

What's the most common mistake made by divorcing spouses?- II

Last time, we discussed how thanks to the challenging nature of divorce, many spouses either make intentional or unintentional mistakes despite their best efforts. Specifically, we discussed how one of the biggest -- and perhaps most common -- of these mistakes was adopting an uncompromising position regarding almost every matter in the divorce.

What's the most common mistake made by divorcing spouses?

It goes without saying that a divorce can prove to be a very challenging experience -- even for those who welcome the prospect of leaving an unhappy marriage. As such, it's not uncommon for spouses going through a dissolution of marriage to make either intentional or unintentional mistakes despite their best efforts.

Why keeping your emotions in check is vital in a divorce

When a person is in the middle of divorce proceedings, they may find themselves coping with a wide range of emotions that are far from pleasant. Indeed, many people can experience everything from anger and anxiety to sadness and even relief all in the span of a single settlement discussion.

Important divorce considerations for wealthy spouses

There is no question of just how valuable a prenuptial agreement can prove to be in the event a couple decides to divorce. That's because this binding contract, executed by a couple beforethey tie the knot, establishes certain rights and expectations as to how their property will be classified and divided in the event of a split.

Experts advise caution when using divorce smartphone apps

While most people would probably rather not admit it, their smartphone plays a major role in their daily lives. From keeping track of appointments and providing instant web access to paying bills and offering an endless array of addictive games, these devices are never far out of an owner's immediate reach.

Study: As economic conditions improve, divorces start to rise

There is no disputing the impact that the recent recession had on millions of Americans both directly and indirectly. For instance, while some people lost their jobs or even their homes, others had to take a second job to cover necessities or lower their monthly expenses to make ends meet.

2013: The year of some very intriguing divorce-related findings

At this time of the year, many news outlets and other media publications publish retrospective pieces looking back at some of the more intriguing trends, stories or research to emerge over the last year. While these stories are typically very interesting, they often to seem confined to more familiar -- and perhaps even conservative -- areas like world news, technology, medical developments, sports or even entertainment.

For growing number of couples, divorce isn't necessarily the end

In 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau began asking the American public a series of questions about divorce for the very first time. These 2008 statistics ultimately revealed that 9.3 percent of men and 11.9 percent of women had divorced over the course of the last year.

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