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Child Custody Archives

Examining custody, visitation and substance abuse issues

There is an unfortunate tendency to view addiction as something of an all-or-nothing proposition in the area of family law, meaning many people mistakenly assume that they will have no chance of securing any sort of custody or visitation rights in a divorce due to the existence of an underlying substance abuse problem.

How much do you know about the termination of parental rights - IV?

For the last few months, our blog has spent some time discussing how and why parental rights are terminated here in Minnesota. Our purpose in doing so has been to debunk popular misconceptions and provide those who find themselves in these otherwise difficult scenarios with some much-needed answers.

A primer on Minnesota's child custody laws

Of all the legal terms that are synonymous with divorce, none perhaps stir up quite as strong of emotions as the term child custody. That's because for the overwhelming majority of people, their children always come first and the thought of potentially seeing them on a more limited basis may be difficult to even consider.

Study explores whether online co-parenting classes need changes

When a couple with children makes the decision to pursue a divorce, there is a very good chance that they will be required to take some type of co-parenting class designed to teach them how to meet the needs of their children during this difficult time and how to deal with their various responses to new living arrangements.

How would medical marijuana affect child custody in Minnesota?

By far, one of the more hot-button issues among Minnesota lawmakers this year has been the potential legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The issue has emerged due in large to the sustained lobbying efforts of parents whose children are suffering from serious seizure disorders and would likely benefit from the drug.

Private custody transfers now strictly regulated in Wisconsin

Minnesota's neighbor to the east made headlines across the nation last week after becoming the first state to pass a child custody-related law expressly prohibiting an unregulated and otherwise dangerous practice known as "re-homing."

SD lawmakers looking to move forward with shared parenting bill

In a previous post, our blog discussed how a growing number of lawmakers, parents and family advocacy groups are calling on state legislatures to enact so-called shared-parenting laws that -- with the exception of cases of involving substance abuse or domestic violence -- would essentially mandate that children of divorce spend equal time with both parents.

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