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Child Custody Archives

Are shared-parenting laws poised to become the new norm?

Learning to adjust to post-divorce life can prove to be especially difficult for those parents who were not awarded primary physical custody of their children. While they were once used to seeing their children on a daily basis, a predetermined visitation schedule may now be the new norm.

Santa Claus and custody: who decides what to tell the kids?

As parents, we know that Santa Claus isn’t real. We know that there isn’t a jolly man who travels around the world leaving presents under the tree for the children that have been good and coal in the stockings of those that haven’t. We all know this, but parents are divided on whether or not to share this fact with their young children.

How the Golden Arches are front and center in visitation dispute

If you were to take an informal poll of a group of kids between the ages of five to ten to learn what they would eat for dinner every single night if given the choice, there is a very good chance the answer would be unanimous: fast food. Interestingly, one young child's love of a particular fast food chain and his father's subsequent denial of his wish to eat dinner there is now taking center stage in a bitter divorce case that has made headlines across the nation.

Back to school doesn't have to mean trouble for divorced parents

While it may seem hard to believe, thousands of kids across the state of Minnesota have already started the school year, with the remainder slated to board school buses and file back into their classrooms in less than a week. While most kids are understandably reluctant to start another year of reading, writing and arithmetic, they typically adjust after a relatively short amount of time and pick up right where they left off.

Proposed law for equal time sharing for parents in Minnesota

A piece of proposed legislation that has in the past been introduced in the Minnesota legislature is finding what might seem like unlikely support. A bill that was to introduce what is called "equally shared parenting" into law had passed both the Minnesota Senate and House in 2012, but the initiative has since stalled as Governor Dayton had not signed it into law.

Advice of a Minnesota Family Law judge

The advice of a Minnesota family law judge provided more than a decade ago has been recently quoted in a Huffington Post article.  The judge was concerned that the parents would criticize each other in the presence of the child, and that such criticism would ultimately affect the child's self-esteem.

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