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Child Support Archives

Court: MN man owes child support despite test disproving paternity

The Nebraska Supreme Court issued a very interesting decision last Friday concerning a Minnesota man who was found to be responsible for child support payments even though a DNA test definitively proved that he was not the child's biological father.

Man shocked to learn child support payments may last indefinitely

When people secure a divorce in another country, they may find themselves subject to unfamiliar laws, and involved in legal processes that bear little resemblance to what they have previously seen and heard here in the U.S.

Minnesota split ruling creates child support law controversy

The language that is used in Minnesota statutes is carefully chosen, argued over word by word before it becomes law. Even with the scrutiny, the effect of the language isn’t always clear until a real-world dispute arises. For instance, the phrase “care and support” has recently created some controversy where child support enforcement in Minnesota is concerned.

New software looks to make child support management much easier

Last month, our blog discussed how a new Internet startup called "Wevorce" was seeking to make divorce more amicable by simplifying the mediation process. This, according to its founders, could purportedly be accomplished by giving divorcing couples access to so-called "divorce architects" and specialized software designed to reduce the hurdles encountered in a typical divorce.

When can a parent ask DHS for help in collecting child support?

Many parents in Minnesota understand the importance of child support to a custodial parent. Child support allows the custodial parent to provide his or her children with basic necessities. This can include anything from food, clothing and shelter to education and medical expenses. Unfortunately, sometimes a noncustodial parent fails to live up to his or her end of a child support order. Paying child support, however, is not an option.

Due to tireless efforts, mom gets child support 30 years later

When it comes to past due child support, many parents automatically assume that they forfeit their chance to collect any payments once their child reaches the age of 18. However, as demonstrated by the experience of one Midwest mom, this is not always the case.

Should work benefits be included in child support calculations?

In general, if there has been a substantial change in a person's financial circumstances -- salary cut, termination, onset of terminal illness, etc. -- they may petition the court to lower the amount of their monthly child support payments. It should be noted, however, that the court will take a multitude of factors into consideration when making this important decision.

How did a child sue his billionaire father for child support?

One of the unfortunate aspects of many divorces here in the United States is that they sometimes result in ongoing legal battles over the payment of child support. Specifically, a mother may have to go to court to secure payment from a father who is intentionally withholding funds, while a father may have to go to court to petition for a modification in the amount of child support paid due to a substantial change in his circumstances.

Controversial child support ad sparks debate in one U.S. state

From the television news and the morning paper to the car radio and the billboards lining the road, most of us encounter countless advertisements over the course of just our regular morning routine. While we ignore the majority of these advertisements, there are always a few that might make us smile, frown or perhaps even feel a bit uncomfortable.

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