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Posts tagged "Minnesota"

Research shows the divorce rate is much higher than we thought

By far, one of the most well-known and oft-repeated maxims concerning marriage and divorce is that "50 percent of all marriages end in a split." While many people view this as gospel, recent studies have suggested that this is not necessarily the case, as the divorce rate has actually been steadily declining since reaching its peak in the 1980s.

Alabama law would send divorcing parents back to school

When it comes to divorce and divorce-related issues, you would probably think that the laws in the majority of states were fairly concrete, meaning they have been in place for a significant amount of time and cover most any situation that is likely to arise. In other words, you wouldn't expect to see many state legislatures advancing many new divorce-related measures.

Experts advise caution when using divorce smartphone apps

While most people would probably rather not admit it, their smartphone plays a major role in their daily lives. From keeping track of appointments and providing instant web access to paying bills and offering an endless array of addictive games, these devices are never far out of an owner's immediate reach.

Are shared-parenting laws poised to become the new norm?

Learning to adjust to post-divorce life can prove to be especially difficult for those parents who were not awarded primary physical custody of their children. While they were once used to seeing their children on a daily basis, a predetermined visitation schedule may now be the new norm.

2013: The year of some very intriguing divorce-related findings

At this time of the year, many news outlets and other media publications publish retrospective pieces looking back at some of the more intriguing trends, stories or research to emerge over the last year. While these stories are typically very interesting, they often to seem confined to more familiar -- and perhaps even conservative -- areas like world news, technology, medical developments, sports or even entertainment.

Study shows what cities, states have the highest divorce rate

In previous posts, our blog has examined some very interesting studies setting forth some rather novel reasons for why couples are more likely to pursue divorce. For instance, one study found that home remodeling may put undue strain on marriages, while another determined that secret credit card purchases may have a similar effect.

Due to tireless efforts, mom gets child support 30 years later

When it comes to past due child support, many parents automatically assume that they forfeit their chance to collect any payments once their child reaches the age of 18. However, as demonstrated by the experience of one Midwest mom, this is not always the case.

Survey: Hiding your credit card statement can hurt your marriage

It's perfectly normal and understandable for married couples to have small squabbles over seemingly minor issues like housework or picking up the kids from school. However, there is one issue that, while seemingly minor, often turns out to be a source of significant marital discord that can culminate in the filing of divorce papers.

Will the Affordable Care Act cause the divorce rate to jump?

History was made yesterday when the Affordable Care Act, otherwise referred to in the popular media as Obamacare, began its official rollout. Specifically, people here in Minnesota and across the U.S. are now able to log onto the Internet to shop for coverage at state-run health insurance exchanges offering customers multi-layered policy levels (i.e., bronze, silver, gold, platinum).

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