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Posts tagged "property division"

When it comes to divorce, preparation is important

There is no doubt that people take decidedly different approaches when it comes to making the tough decision of when to initiate divorce proceedings. For some, the decision is made as soon as they discover evidence of infidelity or have one fight too many, while for others, the decision is postponed until school is out for the summer or the holiday season has passed.

Important divorce considerations for wealthy spouses

There is no question of just how valuable a prenuptial agreement can prove to be in the event a couple decides to divorce. That's because this binding contract, executed by a couple beforethey tie the knot, establishes certain rights and expectations as to how their property will be classified and divided in the event of a split.

Are there times to consider postponing a divorce?

When a person makes the difficult decision to pursue a divorce after weeks or even months of thoughtful deliberation, they more than likely want to move ahead with the split as quickly as possible so as not to prolong a potentially difficult and painful process.

Study examines how serious illness can affect marriage

When it comes to the issue of divorce, researchers are always hard at work trying to uncover any new trends concerning the divorce rate here in the U.S., or insight as to why it is that couples decide to call it quits after weeks, months, years or even decades together.

Startup takes unique approach to divorce mediation

Many people are familiar with at least one vital statistic concerning divorce here in the U.S.: Almost half of all marriages will end in a split. While this number is still somewhat shocking despite the passage of time, it is important to note that the divorce process has evolved over the years such that it isn't necessarily as difficult as it once was.

How an empty nest can present real challenges for Boomer parents

For many Baby Boomer parents, there is no greater moment than helping the last of their children carry their belongings into their first-year dorm for the start of their college career. At this time, they will likely experience a sense of pride in knowing that all of their children are on their way to bright futures, as well as a sense of excitement in knowing that they will finally have an empty nest.

Important considerations for older adults considering divorce

There is no question that the idea of divorcing after the age of 50 can prove to be a rather frightening prospect. In fact, many otherwise unhappy spouses probably decide to put off divorce for fear that it could wreak havoc on their personal and their financial lives.

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