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How can divorce affect small or family businesses?

An astonishing number of Minnesotans call themselves business owners. According to federal figures, there are a whopping 520,110 small businesses in the state, each supporting their local community, their workers and of course their loved ones. For a business owner, there is a lot at stake.

With this context, it’s no surprise many people want to know: If I get a divorce, will my spouse get a piece of the business?

Understanding the financial implications of divorce after 50

The rising divorce rate for Americans over the age of 50 - often referred to as gray divorce - is well-chronicled. Older couples are separating more frequently than ever before, as the divorce rate for other age groups shrinks.

In cases of gray divorce however, spouses will often have decades' worth of assets to consider, adding some extra financial uncertainty to the proceedings.

Spousal maintenance: When 'permanent' support isn't

Life would be easier if definitions of words were consistent in all uses. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Take the word "permanent" for example. Webster's New World Collegiate Dictionary offers as its main definition, lasting or intended to last indefinitely without change.

In that context, it seems logical to expect that if one spouse in a Minnesota divorce agrees or is ordered to pay spousal support to the other spouse on a permanent basis, that the payments will last indefinitely. However, in the dissolution of marriage process, permanent can unexpectedly become temporary if this issue is not handled carefully.

How does Minnesota treat pet custody in divorce?

There is no disputing the significance that Americans attribute to their pets. Surveys conducted by the American Pet Products Association indicate that 68 percent of households in the country own at least one pet. Animals frequently enjoy a status in the household well above that of "animal." In some cases, they are considered family.

Pet ownership can present unique challenges for couples considering divorce. Ownership disputes can be emotionally contentious. Resolving matters equitably under the law requires a particular understanding of how the process works.

Plan your financial future after divorce to ease stress

It is easy to make generalized statements about divorce. One common assertion about this subject is that it is inherently stressful. It can be, but no two cases are the same, so an individual examination of your situation is necessary.

Divorce in Minnesota often does mean drastic life changes that can send individuals into crisis mode. However, by enlisting experienced legal counsel dedicated to providing strong guidance, it is possible to reduce potential anxiety and maintain a positive focus in planning for the next chapter of life.

Domestic abuse: an issue shrouded in misinformation

Domestic abuse is nothing to take lightly. Whether you are a victim of violence or harassment, or accused of being the offender, the effects are very real and could have long-lasting impacts, such as impacting custody and parenting time determinations. Victims of violence have a right to seek court help. At the same time, if allegations are leveled against you, you have the right to defend yourself. In each situation, you deserve legal help dedicated to protecting your rights.

Abuse in its many forms is currently big news. The #MeToo movement is partly responsible for bringing new light to the issue. So, too, are headlines out of Washington, D.C.

Divorce focus: valuing and dividing a family business

If you're a Minnesota resident eyeing the valuation and division of a family business in the divorce process, you've obviously got a lot on your mind.

Unquestionably, you -- perhaps along with your soon-to-be ex -- worked long and hard to create your business.

Identifying, taking action to stop dissipation of marital assets

Experienced Minnesota family law attorneys who have spent years working closely with diverse clients in divorce matters know intimately well from their long-tenured work that divorcing couples don't routinely act in a dispassionate and rational manner.

Put another way: Although many individuals do follow the guideposts of logic and basic civility as they go through the divorce process, feelings of persistent anger, greed and a desire to punish predominate for some others.

Existing parenting time/visitation orders: Are they immutable?

Perhaps you and your ex-spouse quickly and amicably agreed to child-related matters -- centrally custody and parenting time (often called visitation) -- during your divorce proceedings.

But then again, perhaps not. For many divorcing couples in Minnesota and elsewhere, child-centric issues reign supreme in the divorce process and can be more than a bit problematic.

The "amicable" divorce: Is such a thing routinely available?

Although it certainly sounds nice (as well as being an optimal outcome in any marital dissolution), the answer to the above-posed headline query in today's blog post basically answers itself, given the unique considerations that exist in every divorce.

And that answer is this, straight and simple: No.

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