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Strong Divorce Advocates

Divorce can be a difficult transition in life. At Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C., with locations in downtown Minneapolis and Prior Lake, we understand how to assist our clients in navigating this significant transition. Our experienced divorce lawyers are there to support you through the divorce process. We are forceful advocates who protect your interests using thorough knowledge of the law, strategic negotiations, and courtroom action.

When we handle your divorce case, we can effectively address a wide range of issues that may arise:

When couples have antenuptial agreements (“prenup”) or postnuptial agreements, those agreements affect how property is divided in a divorce. We can counsel you on what your prenup might mean, challenge it when appropriate, and/or fight to uphold it depending on the law applied to the facts of your case. We can protect your interests during the divorce process.

Alternatives to Divorce

Divorce may not be the only answer. In Minnesota, couples may also pursue a legal separation where you remain legally married but live apart with your legal rights determined. If you are considering a legal separation as an alternative to a divorce, it is important to have experienced legal counsel to understand the long-term and short-term legal implications of choosing a legal separation instead of a divorce.

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