Startup Takes Unique Approach to Divorce Mediation

Many people are familiar with at least one vital statistic concerning divorce here in the U.S.: Almost half of all marriages will end in a split. While this number is still somewhat shocking despite the passage of time, it is important to note that the divorce process has evolved over the years such that it isn’t necessarily as difficult as it once was.

To illustrate, more and more couples are now opting for an alternative to traditional divorce, including collaborative divorce or divorce mediation.

For those unfamiliar with divorce mediation, it is a less costly and perhaps less confrontational way of dissolving a marriage. Here, the former spouses — both of whom may be represented by an attorney — meet in a neutral location to resolve important divorce issues such as property division, spousal support, and child custody.

The mediation sessions, which are run by a neutral third-party mediator, allow couples to reach mutually acceptable and more creative solutions on their own terms and in accordance with their own timeline.

Interestingly, a new Internet startup called Wevorce is attempting to simplify the divorce mediation process through the marriage of both social science and technology, something that its founders say can lead to more amicable divorces.

Through Wevorce, divorcing couples are given access to local “divorce architects” who purportedly have the training needed to help guide divorcing couples through all relevant legal and financial issues, and cope with any emotional issues that arise along the way. This entire process is completed via Wevorce’s software, which is designed to reduce the hurdles encountered in a typical divorce.

Thus far the company only has offices on the West Coast but is now looking to expand thanks to recent sizeable investments.

While services like these may present a viable solution for some divorcing couples, there are some situations in which it may prove less than ideal. For instance, even if a couple is willing to pursue mediation, there may still be issues that they can’t agree upon despite their best efforts and which may require taking the matter to court for ultimate resolution.

In these situations, it is truly beneficial for a spouse to have an attorney by their side who understands their unique situation and their goals for the divorce, and who can fight to secure these goals and to protect their rights.

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If you would like to learn more about divorce or divorce alternatives, you should strongly consider consulting with an experienced attorney who can outline your options and enforce your rights.