Study Examines Why Unhappy Couples Continue to Avoid Divorce

It is a well-known fact that most marriages often require a lot of effort and compromise on the part of both spouses to make them work. Sadly though, in some instances, many marriages experience so much conflict that they simply reach a point where they cannot be saved and divorce is the best option.

However, a recent study out of the UK has found that many of these unhappy couples continue to remain in their marriages despite their feelings and desire to divorce. Specifically, the study, which surveyed 2,000 married individuals, found that the top reason that unhappily married couples stay together is that they are merely too scared and don’t have the courage to divorce.

The second most common reason for remaining in an unhappy marriage, according to the study, is that couples believe they may have regrets if they elect to get divorced. In addition, the third-highest reason offered by surveyed couples for avoiding divorce is the hope that things might actually get better in their marriages with time.

Rounding out the top five reasons for putting off divorce includes the belief that couples should remain together for the family/kids, and the fear that each spouse will not be able to independently support oneself financially should the marriage end. Indeed, roughly one-fifth of those surveyed had feelings of being trapped in their current relationship, but would not contemplate divorce unless financial independence and stability could be ensured.

Other interesting findings from this recent study include the fact that 15 percent of those surveyed indicated that they wished they would have married someone else, and 29 percent recommended that younger couples avoid marriage altogether.