Survey: Hiding Your Credit Card Statement Can Hurt Your Marriage

It’s perfectly normal and understandable for married couples to have small squabbles over seemingly minor issues like housework or picking up the kids from school. However, there is one issue that, while seemingly minor, often turns out to be a source of significant marital discord that can culminate in the filing of divorce papers.

The issue in question is none other than money, meaning arguments over how spouses are choosing to spend and save their hard-earned paychecks.

If this seems like a farfetched idea to you, consider that a study released by researchers with Kansas State University this past summer found that far and away arguments about money were the top predictor of divorce.

As further proof, consider a recently released study performed by researchers in England examining the correlation between divorce and secret credit card spending.

The study, performed by a price comparison website, polled approximately 1,000 men and women to learn more about how many of them attributed clandestine use of their credit cards with divorce or separation.

Somewhat shockingly, they found that as many as one out of every ten people surveyed indicated that their secret use of credit cards contributed to their split. When asked why they chose to keep their purchase secret, 36 percent of people said they did so because they thought their spouse would be angry and another 35 percent of people said they did so because they believed their spouse would disapprove.

While all of this would lead you to believe that the secret purchases in question were for either frivolous items or items purchased during the course of an affair, this is far from the case.

Here, 50 percent of people surveyed indicated that the secret credit card purchases were for such mundane items as new clothing or shoes, while the other 50 percent indicated that the secret credit card purchases were for basic living expenses such as food or gasoline.

This study underscores not only how important it is for married couples to make sure they are honest about their purchases, but also how important it is for them to maintain an open dialogue with one another.

If you would are unable to resolve your issues with your spouse despite your best efforts and would like to perhaps learn more about your divorce options here in Minnesota, you should strongly consider consulting with an experienced attorney.