Even for the Elderly, la Dolce Vita May Mean Divorce

Human relationships are ever changeable and unpredictable. Marriage is always something of a gamble. At 20, or 30, or any age, you are taking a chance that your relationship will last “until death does you part.” But life changes everything, and as your age and mature, choices that seemed wise and everlasting at 25 may not look so good at 35.

You may have had children, or not. Your jobs or other career options may have changed. At your current age, you may be a very different person than you were when you married. Or your spouse may have changed. Personality or behavioral issues, infidelity, substance abuse, or mental illness can all wreak a terrible toll on any relationship. 

Sometimes, it may just be growing apart. You and your spouse develop a parallel, but separate lives, and after the children, if any, have moved away, you wonder what you have in common with that other person who occupies your home.

And this is one reason why divorce rates among the elderly have seen increases. With the lessening of the stigma of divorce, fewer people are willing to remain in a marriage that has grown stale simply to maintain appearances.

This trend is not limited to the U.S. A report from Italy notes there has been a significant increase in the number of divorces for those ages 65 and older, in that county. This is due in part to a less onerous divorce procedure that shortens the time it takes to obtain a divorce. Apparently, some refrained from divorce, fearing they would not live long enough to complete the process.

We don’t practice in Italy, but if you live in Minnesota and have come to the realization that your marriage has ended, we can assist you with the legal process here in a Minnesota family court. Life is too short to sit back and with some ill-defined hope that “something” will improve.