Holiday Season Reduces the Number of Divorces Filed

The holidays are a joyous season, full of warmth and family togetherness. Unless you are on the cusp of a divorce. However, because of the obligations many couples have towards family events, December marks a low point in the year for divorce filings.

Parents of children may wish to keep everything together and maintain appearances during the school break, holiday parties, family dinners, and get-togethers that fill the month. This makes sense. No one wants to be seen as “wrecking” the holidays by giving a spouse the “present” of a divorce filing.

And few people want to deal with explaining to co-workers, friends, and family at holiday events that they are divorcing. By waiting until after the holidays, you allow yourself time to get used to the divorce and become more comfortable in discussing such an emotional and personal event with others.

Finances also play a part in reducing the number of divorces in December, as many people are stretched by buying gifts for their children and other members of their family, and may not have the resources on hand to pay for an attorney.

Sometimes, the holidays may prove to be the catalyst for a divorce, when one spouse feels that the spending or drinking habits of the other spouse push them over the edge. Finances may also lead to a divorce being filed early in the next year as the holiday bills arrive, and arguments and disagreements mount.

Filing for divorce is a complex emotional and financial question, and every filing is intensely personal. If domestic violence or abuse is present, worries over the holidays may pale. You should never make a decision based on what “most people” do, but what is best for your family and your specific circumstance.