Have You Considered Divorce Mediation?

Phrases like “working toward a compromise” and “mutually acceptable resolution” typically aren’t used in the context of divorce. Indeed, you are probably more accustomed to hearing terms like “bitter legal battle” and “courtroom drama” used in these discussions.

While it’s true that some divorces will inevitably turn hostile and have to be resolved in court, it’s equally true that some divorces will proceed with minor hostility and be resolved outside of the courtroom.

How exactly is this possible?

Thanks to processes like divorce mediation, spouses who are willing to work together can see their divorce resolved quickly, effectively, and relatively pain-free.

In general, divorce mediation involves the former spouses — both of whom may be represented by their own attorney — coming together with a neutral mediator to reach mutually acceptable solutions regarding issues like property division, spousal support, and even child custody.

The benefits of coming together to resolve a divorce through mediation include:

  • It is significantly faster than traditional litigation
  • It is significantly cheaper than traditional litigation.
  • It relies on the divorcing spouses, as opposed to the judge’s discretion, to reach creative and flexible arrangements.
  • It allows people to resolve those issues that they can agree upon yet still turn to the courts for assistance if necessary.
  • It preserves relationships and minimizes stress on the children.

At Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C., we have extensive experience guiding couples through the mediation process. Our attorneys, Qualified Mediators under Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of General Practice, know the value of respect, know how to explain the mediation process, and know what it takes to help couples reach lasting solutions.

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