How Many People Will Pursue a Divorce in 2015?

The last six weeks have been something of a holiday whirlwind for people across the nation, as they’ve carved turkeys, wrapped and exchanged gifts, and officially celebrated the start of 2015.

Nevertheless, now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are officially behind us, most people are probably breathing a collective sigh of relief and looking forward to things settling down.

As it turns out, however, things might just be getting started from a family law perspective, as the legal community here in Minnesota and across the U.S. has long recognized the month of January as one of the busiest for divorces.

Indeed, Jan. 2 is referred to in many legal circles as “Divorce Day,” representing a sort of unofficial beginning to a traditionally large number of divorce filings.

Why are people so anxious to pursue a divorce at this time of the year?

At first blush, it would seem counterintuitive that people would want to file for divorce right now given the recent conclusion of the holidays. Yet, family law attorneys indicate that the start of a new year frequently leaves many spouses with a desire for real change that transcends more traditional goals like smoking cessation or weight loss.

In other words, these spouses want out of what they view as unhappy and/or unfulfilling marriages, and use the promises offered by a new year as an impetus for long-overdue change.

Still, other attorneys attribute the spike in divorces in January and February to the more simple and decidedly less romantic reality that now is perhaps the best time to pursue what can prove to be a life-changing event, as the holidays are over, the kids are in the middle of the school year and there are no major events planned for the foreseeable future.  

Whatever the reasoning, anyone who is actively considering a divorce or who would simply like to learn more about all that the process entails should consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible.