The Value of Taking a Measured Approach to Business Valuation and Divorce

The notion of starting your own business can prove to be as unnerving as it is exciting. That’s because you will likely end up having to invest your hard-earned resources and perhaps even take out a loan to help get your fledgling enterprise off the ground.

For many people, however, this apprehension is greatly alleviated by having a spouse undertake the venture with them as a full-fledged partner, meaning someone who will share both the vision and the risk.

As rewarding as it can be when these substantial investments of time, money, and energy pay off for married couples who take the entrepreneurial plunge, it can also be incredibly frustrating and confusing if divorce should someday enter the equation.

That’s because aside from the emotional turmoil and uncertainty we typically associate with divorce, spouses in business together will also want to ensure that the business they’ve worked so hard to help build is divided in an equitable manner.

This, of course, could take the form of one spouse buying the other’s interest in the business, or simply selling the entire business and dividing the profits.

Whatever option divorcing spouses elect to take, the entire matter will need to be predicated on a fair and accurate business valuation.

At Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C., our firm has extensive experience handling business valuations and the division of business interests. To that end, we work alongside highly skilled and reputable financial professionals capable of conducting a comprehensive investigation designed to determine the fair market value of a business ranging from limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships to C-corporations and S-corporations.

Thanks to these investigations, our attorneys secure the information they need to protect our clients’ interests both in the courtroom and in negotiations.

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