Family Law Issues, Considerations: The Role of Proven Counsel

Our blog entries at the Twin Cities-based Law Offices of Mack & Santana, P.C., routinely seek to provide readers with topical and relevant news and information regarding family law topics. Indeed, we regard that as being a suitable mission statement for any blog and take pride in any role we may play in helping educate our readers on important legal issues and processes related to family law.

Having said that, though, we thought it might be useful to take a step back in today’s post to touch upon what might be termed a “macro” look at the universe of family law. That focus is in lieu of and decidedly different from a more concentrated spotlight on one of the many practice areas within this dynamic area of law.

Our rationale for that is this: Our practice — indeed, the practice of any family law firm — is multi-faceted and involves considerations that are unique in every client matter.

And the reason for that is simple, compelling, and easily stated, to wit: Although family law is of course centrally concerned with legal rules and applications, it is fundamentally about people and an attorney’s best efforts to empathetically and effectively promote their legal rights and interests in vitally important areas of their lives.

In other words, family law is a people-centric endeavor. We believe that the oft-used terms “cookie-cutter” and “boilerplate” have no place in an area of law where child custody might be an overriding consideration in one case yet in another matter the division of marital assets, spousal maintenance or alimony or myriad other concerns.

It simply cannot be overemphasized that every client matter relates to real-life issues that are distinctly case-specific and that touch people in fundamentally important ways.

We are sensitive to that and strive to meet clients’ needs with thoughtful and effective representation.

It is professionally incumbent upon attorneys to note that no particular legal result can ever be guaranteed, and we duly issue that disclaimer here.

Having stated that, though, we further note that our attorneys will make best efforts to work to safeguard and promote our clients’ legal rights and interests in their cases.

We welcome readers’ comments on our posts, as well as questions or concerns regarding any aspect of family law.