Tips for Achieving a (Relatively) Affordable Divorce

There is no question that divorce is often a tricky and expensive endeavor. However, there is no reason why your divorce needs to be more expensive than you need it to be. The key to achieving a relatively affordable divorce is understanding your priorities.

If you and your spouse agree on nearly every important matter regarding the division of your property and the care of any children you may have, then your divorce need not be unduly expensive. However, if you need to fight for something that is truly important to you, such as retaining ownership of your house or obtaining primary custody of your children, then your divorce will necessarily be more expensive than an amicable one would be. In either event, there are ways that you can ensure that your divorce is ultimately not any more expensive than it needs to be.

Once you are clear on which matters are worth a fight, you should communicate your priorities with your attorney. Once these priorities are communicated, you should be careful to utilize your attorney’s services only when they are necessary to achieve those goals. Any time that you use your attorney to research, make calls, analyze financial information, or otherwise engage in other activities that you could be doing yourself, you will rack up expenses that are unnecessary. A solid relationship with an attorney you trust is almost certainly vital to achieving a fair divorce settlement. However, you do not need to use your attorney’s services for every aspect of the divorce process.

Finally, take care to keep track of all financial information related to your divorce and related to running your newly single household. You will almost certainly be surprised at the amount of money you can allow yourself to save when you pay close attention to your finances.