Finances Not the End-All in a Divorce, but They Are Certainly Key

A divorce commentator in a recent Forbes article duly notes that, while “money is only a part of the overall equation” operative during the divorce process and following dissolution, it is certainly on the “A” list of top considerations.

We all know that, of course. Children in divorcing families are immeasurably valuable and have continuing needs related to socialization, schooling, health, and other matters. Incoming bills do not disappear once the ink dries on a divorce decree. Contingencies pop up. The need to plan persists.

Those realities underscore why most people getting a divorce are quite firmly fixated on financial considerations.

And there are many of those, notes financial adviser Mark Avallone in the above-cited Forbes piece. Avallone states that most divorcing parties might want to reasonably focus closely and in a timely manner on several key things while contemplating divorce.

And getting the right attorney is at the very top of the list.

“Carefully select the type of lawyer you hire,” notes the columnist, who emphasizes the distinction between a divorce litigated in court and one pursued through a more settlement-friendly alternative.

If you want to go down the settlement route, Avallone counsels, “it is important that you find a lawyer skilled in the art of settlement.”

Although that seems to be a statement so obvious that it hardly warrants mentioning, it is in fact an important observation.

We note on a relevant page of our website at the Twin Cities family law firm of Mack & Santana, for example, that tailored and client-empathetic legal representation in a divorce matter can be employed “efficiently, forcefully and effectively” through both formal litigation and a mediated process, respectively.

And, candidly, only a legal team that has proven experience advocating diligently on behalf of clients via both those routes can fully appreciate when a client might reasonably benefit most from one of them as opposed to the other and employ the strategies best equipped to bring preferred solutions.

Avallone makes a number of additional interesting and noteworthy points in his financial focus on divorce, as well. We will take a look at them in our next blog post.