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Divorce Checklist: What to Do Before Getting a Divorce

What to do Before You File for Divorce

In some cases, you may already suspect that your marriage is headed towards divorce and it may be something you and your spouse have already discussed. Before you file for a divorce, you should be ready for the unexpected and begin preparing yourself mentally and financially.

Consult With An Attorney

An experienced and skilled attorney who has a record of handling cases professionally and efficiently will be your greatest asset. Your attorney will be there to answer any questions and offer legal advice based on your situation.

Having an attorney like, Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C., to explain your options during the divorce and the legal implications you could possibly face will benefit you and give you an edge in the divorce.

Considerations Before Separating

In the event you decide to physically separate before getting a divorce or to think about whether you want a divorce, it is particularly important to consult with an attorney as actions during the separation may impact a later divorce.

It is important to consider issues such as how you will share time with the children and how finances will be managed with you no longer living with your spouse. It is also important to not leave without important documents or copies of important documents in the house that you may need later.

Prepare Copies of Important Documents

Organization is key! A very efficient way to get through your divorce is to have all of your documents prepared to give to your divorce attorney.

Prepare copies of any documents related to your everyday life that you share with your spouse, like:

  • Bank statements.

  • Credit card statements.

  • Medical bills.

  • Medical bill receipts.

  • Mortgage statements.

  • Car payment information.

  • Social security statements.

  • Tax information and statements.

  • Stocks and bonds statements.

  • Business and self-employment information.

Being prepared will help move your case forward with fewer delays so that your attorney can work swiftly on your behalf.

Tell Your Children About the Divorce

Your children should be in the know about the divorce once the decision is made because of how it will affect them and their daily lives. You and your spouse should work together to keep their daily routines and schedules as normal as possible during your separation.

Try not to neglect their normal activities like sports, school functions, and fun/playtime. Keep your children’s needs at the top of your priority list. At some point, you and your spouse will need to discuss custody and visitation, and your children’s best interests will be at the top of the court’s concerns during your divorce and custody case.

Rely on Family and Friends for Support

Divorce is an emotional process that can take its toll on you. If you’re undecided about your divorce and you’re feeling a range of emotions, that is totally normal.

Your family and friends should be there for you as a support system that can help lift you up during this difficult time. If they offer to help with your kids or offer guidance and advice, consider being open to receiving it.

If you have friends or family that have been through a divorce, ask them about their experience. Try not to take any legal advice, however, and if you do, consult with your attorney about it first.

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