Famed Boxer Grapples With Child Support Dispute

Evander Holyfield was among the most successful figures in professional boxing. Since he has put down the gloves, however, his financial situation has changed drastically. Readers in Minneapolis may be interested to know that the former champion is now at risk of losing his driver’s license due to unpaid child support.

According to reports, Holyfield owes nearly $328,000 in unpaid child support. This is part of a larger settlement that the former boxer has been able to tackle part of, but financial woes have prevented him from staying up to date on monthly payments. At this time, there is no word as to what other actions will be taken to enforce the court-ordered support arrangement.

Although most Minnesota parents probably don’t have child support payments as large as Holyfield, they may be able to relate to what’s happening in his case. Under Minnesota family law, child support payments are ordered by judges according to the statutory guidelines and the gross incomes of the parents. When a parent fails to uphold his or her obligation to pay support, the custodial parent receiving payments may not be able to provide adequate care for the child.

On the other hand, it’s important to understand the ways the state attempts to collect unpaid child support. In addition to potentially suspending a driver’s license for non-payment, the state could withhold tax returns or public benefits to repay a child support debt.

It’s not unheard of for a parent’s financial situation to change after they’re ordered to pay child support. Rather than putting pressure on the child who benefits from support payments, it may be better to determine what legal options exist and seek a court-approved modification. This way, the paying parent’s financial wherewithal can be reassessed and legal trouble can be averted.