This Month, Focus on Resolving Child Support Issues in Minnesota

Did you know that the month of August is recognized in Minnesota as Child Support Awareness Month? This means that all this month, there will be even stronger efforts being made to help parents understand and appreciate the importance of making financial contributions to the life and well-being of children.

Whether you are a parent who makes child support payments or receives them, this can be the perfect time of year to consider a few things about this obligation and what you might be able to do if you are struggling with issues stemming from unpaid support.

If you are currently ordered to make child support payments, this month you might want to consider:

  • Getting current on payments if you have fallen behind
  • Reassessing original orders if they were issued several years ago
  • Consider pursuing a modification of support if significant changes have occurred recently
  • Discussing financial stability concerns with child support agency workers

If you are currently collecting child support payments from someone, the month of August can be a good time to:

  • Show appreciation to the paying parent if he or she has consistently met financial obligations 
  • Take action if the paying parent is not current with payments or frequently misses all or a portion of them
  • Consider how the money is being spent to ensure it is benefiting the child and make changes if necessary

Whether you pay or receive child support, parents are urged this month to remember how crucial it is to the well-being of children. Child support isn’t just money; it is also a clear and tangible sign of a parent’s contribution to a child’s life.

There are at least 262,000 children in Minnesota who depend on and are affected by child support. Parents of these kids can do a great service to themselves and their children by addressing any potential or lingering disputes regarding child support with the help of someone familiar with state and federal family laws.