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June 2014 Archives

Be mindful of how divorce can affect your career

We naturally tend to think of the fallout from divorce as being limited to the domestic sphere, meaning we understand that the split will affect living arrangements, daily activities and, far more significantly, relationships with former spouses, relationships with children and relationships with relatives.

Important divorce considerations for wealthy spouses

There is no question of just how valuable a prenuptial agreement can prove to be in the event a couple decides to divorce. That's because this binding contract, executed by a couple beforethey tie the knot, establishes certain rights and expectations as to how their property will be classified and divided in the event of a split.

Are there times to consider postponing a divorce?

When a person makes the difficult decision to pursue a divorce after weeks or even months of thoughtful deliberation, they more than likely want to move ahead with the split as quickly as possible so as not to prolong a potentially difficult and painful process.

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