Dedicated Advocacy for Parents With Relocation Concerns

Even though the summer is supposedly one of the more carefree times of the year for adults and children alike — a time devoted to backyard grilling, outdoor living, and much-anticipated vacations — it can sometimes prove to be difficult for divorced parents.

That’s because while their child is busy having fun, they may find themselves consumed with thoughts about the future, perhaps spurred on by the impending start of the school year and all the change that can come with it. 

For instance, a parent with primary physical custody may start pondering whether it’s time to start looking for that new job and if that search will take them — and their child — outside the state. Similarly, a parent with visitation rights may mull a very good out-of-state job offer, but be exceedingly worried about how a move might affect their time with their child.

It’s understandable how these consuming thoughts about the future can rapidly turn to frustration as parents must not only deal with a host of emotions but also cope with unanswered questions about the legal ramifications of such a move.

At Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C., we devote a significant portion of our practice to helping those parents with questions and concerns about child custody and relocation. Specifically, we have comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience helping the following types of clients:  

  • Parents with primary custody who are looking to move outside of Minnesota.
  • Parents with visitation rights who are looking to move outside of Minnesota.
  • Parents with either primary custody or visitation rights who are looking to move here to Minnesota.
  • Parents seeking to challenge any proposed relocation out of Minnesota.

As you might imagine, this is an extremely complex area given the jurisdictional issues involved, questions of law that must be answered, and consequences to parents for taking the incorrect actions. This precisely why it’s so imperative that any parent mulling relocation consider speaking with an experienced legal professional.

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