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February 2016 Archives

Discovery in a MN dissolution (divorce) case

A Dissolution of Marriage (divorce) is a legal proceeding and it is governed primarily by Minnesota Statutes (in general Minnesota Statute Section 518 and 518A), the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Family Court Procedure. The Rules of Civil Procedure regarding discovery govern the exchange of information between the parties to a dissolution and obtaining information from third parties. These rules are premised on the view that parties to a lawsuit should cooperate and disclose information that is relevant to the case.

College savings? Is there a 529 plan in your divorce agreement?

Saving for your child's education is a daunting prospect for any parent. For a divorced parent, it may be even more complex as you struggle to balance the martial income across two households. Divorce will also affect your child's prospect for financial aid, and this adds another layer to the complexity of your child's choice of school.

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