Focus on Financially Independent Women Contemplating Divorce

Here is a central bottom line embraced by a family law columnist recently in a nationally penned article focused upon high-earning women who are considering a divorce: Get legal help.

Of course, that advice reasonably applies to any individual seeking to terminate a marriage (both men and women, and regardless of financial status), but Jeffrey Landers — who often speaks to women’s financial and family law issues — believes that it is especially relevant for women “who have substantial incomes and assets of their own, possibly even much more than their husbands.”

That depiction is commonplace these days, but Landers notes that generally speaking, it is a relatively recent phenomenon. Reportedly, working wives earned only about half of the income brought home by their spouses in 1970.

Landers is no sentimentalist regarding wealth and divorce. He has frequently noted that the divorce process needs to be negotiated by any soon-to-be-ex dispassionately and with eyes unwaveringly focused on an equitable outcome. Life is a long time, and divorce-related mistakes can unquestionably dilute its quality for any divorcing spouse who doesn’t pay close attention to relevant financial details.

And thus the clarion call for proven legal counsel with deep experience in things like asset accounting and fair property division. Many divorcing women have sizable incomes, hefty retirement, and other tax-sheltered portfolios and businesses that they worked long and hard to establish and render profitable. The workforce landscape has changed significantly, and women can be the primary or sole income earner in the family — which means they could also have some exposure for alimony or spousal maintenance in a divorce depending upon the circumstances of their spouse. It is important to consult an attorney and seek legal advice to address these complex issues.

The attorneys at the Twin Cities Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C., have many years of experience helping clients — women and men alike — achieve equitable outcomes in divorce-related property division matters and spousal maintenance/alimony issues. We believe that any individual seeking to terminate a marriage regardless of financial status should seek legal advice to protect their interests in the divorce process. If you are going through a divorce or contemplating divorce, contact our office.