Instructive Qualities in Pitt/Jolie Divorce? Perhaps.

It might seem a bit cynical to note, but media masters of course love the recent tidbits flowing out in the spiking chatter surrounding the entertainment super couple often termed “Brangelina.”

Stories spotlighting globally known icons sell, and the presently ongoing cascade of information regarding the recent Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie divorce likely equates to manna from heaven for tabloids and talk show hosts.

Although there is certainly an aura of voyeurism in some of the stories that have emerged, it also bears pointing out that the perspective of some articles and pundits is less on flash and more on substance.

Might the Brangelina split actually be instructive in some regard to readers in Minnesota and elsewhere who will likely be bombarded by its divorce details in upcoming days?

At the very least, the power couple’s split spotlights divorce elements and considerations that are front and center in many dissolutions and that couples from every realm might necessarily need to focus upon.

A tempered and dispassionate piece in one national news outlet notes that “Although their superstar status magnifies the situation, what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going through is just like what many ‘normal’ divorcing couples face.”

That means things like custody, with a required focus on a well-considered and drafted parenting plan. Unsurprisingly, the Pitt/Jolie divorce has prompted discussion of prenuptial agreements and raised the question of when they might reasonably be considered by a couple contemplating marriage. (Actually, many elements can factor into that discussion, with a prenuptial agreement or so-called postnuptial contract being something that should logically be discussed with a proven divorce attorney).

As additionally noted in the above-cited article, finances, too, are an obvious concern in both the Pitt/Jolie split and in legions of other divorces across the country. So, too, are privacy considerations, which are admittedly outsized where globally known actors are concerned.

Pitt and Jolie are going to need experienced — that is, knowledgeable, focused, and empathetic — attorneys to handle many complex matters in their divorce. The same is equally true for millions of other individuals involved in the divorce process, even if their every move is not closely chronicled by a cadre of paparazzi jostling for position in their immediate wake.