Why You Need a Good Attorney in a High-Asset Divorce

A legal commentator in a CNN article written some time ago points to a number of material — and recurrent — mistakes he has seen committed by impending ex-partners in high-asset divorce cases. He notes that “almost all of [them] can be prevented with good legal counsel.”

Although it might reasonably be assumed that any family law practitioner will readily endorse a divorce game plan that centrally features the timely and knowledgeable advice of a proven attorney, there are strong — even compelling — reasons for pushing that point, especially in a divorce where marital wealth is prominently on display.

The above-cited article cites several of them, which we pass along for readers’ consideration.

Perhaps foremost is the simple reality that an error — whether influenced by anger, guilt, emotion, impatience, or some other personal factor — can obviously yield outsized financial repercussions in a high-net-worth divorce. A dispassionate and highly experienced divorce attorney advocating smartly on behalf of a client knows that and responds appropriately in a manner that fully promotes the client’s interests. The above commentator notes that “the cost of good legal advice pays for itself many times over.”

And in myriad ways.

Proven counsel will take the actions necessary to fully disclose all marital assets and properly evaluate them. A seasoned high-asset divorce attorney will understand and closely address the tax implications that are often of heightened concern in a high-net-worth dissolution by bringing in expert accounting advice when appropriate.

And, importantly, a tried-and-tested divorce advocate will operate under the premise that your divorce is a highly individualized matter.

In fact, proven practitioners know that every divorce is unique, and their counsel fully reflects that knowledge.

Get the right lawyer, counsels the above commentator. That person will “guide you through the legal minefields so that once the dust has cleared, you will have a bright and financially secure future.”