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What Is Divorce Mediation?

When people think of divorce, they often associate the process with courts, attorneys, and litigation. Typically, one person leaves the situation feeling they did not receive equal attention or have compromises met. While it is true that some divorces require a more hard and fast approach, there are other alternatives to traditional dispute methods.

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Mediation Explained

Each family that undergoes the divorce process has unique needs. Often traditional litigation methods don’t allow for input and extensive discussions between couples. However, when mediating, each spouse will have the opportunity to disclose their wants and needs to a third party, also known as the mediator. The mediator will negotiate with each spouse, allowing them to reach a settlement that meets their unique needs. This allows the couple to negotiate outside of court, offering more privacy and control in the situation.

Mediation Sessions

When going through mediation sessions, there is a set process. The mediator will start by explaining the steps and hearing out any critical information. After each spouse has the time to speak, the third party can bring more questions about the issues to the table. The mediator can also talk to each spouse individually, getting to know them better to reach a solution that works for all. The back and forth process may take a few sessions to reach an agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, the couple may return to traditional litigation techniques.

Work With Understanding Attorneys

When wanting an amicable resolution between you and your spouse, mediation can immensely help the process. It is essential to work with experienced attorneys that understand the mediation.

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