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The Potential Benefits of Mediation

Each marriage is unique and different from another. Spouses bring their own perspectives and personalities into a relationship, creating a dynamic that contributes to their individuality. Because of this, each divorce case that arises is also unique and different from the next. There is no one legal approach that works for each separation.

Mediation is an approach to divorce that emphasizes negotiation and working together to reach a resolution. If a couple is able to communicate about their issues and reach an agreement, it can bring multiple benefits to the couple. Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C. can provide an explanation of the benefits of mediation.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Taking a divorce to court means that information will go into public records. You are already encountering a sensitive time, negotiating personal aspects of your life. Doing this in the public eye may not be ideal for everyone. This is a huge benefit of the mediation process. You have the ability to discuss the terms of your divorce in a private setting, without information going into the public record. The third-party mediator has a duty to maintain confidentiality, keeping what you say between those involved.

Staying in Control

In a traditional divorce, the courts may have the opportunity to make final decisions about your separation according to what they think is best. While you may be able to speak your piece to a certain extent, they will always have the final say. Mediation gives each party the ability to have extensive discussions about their thoughts in the situation. Due to this level of negotiation, each individual has more control over their divorce. If they feel as though something is unfair or could be more adequately arranged, you can bring this up with the mediator.

Less Money

Going to court is extremely expensive. Sometimes in a divorce, you will have to appear before a court multiple times. Fees will pile up over time, which can cause more stress and worry for both parties involved. In mediation, you can avoid unnecessary court fees. Instead, you will meet at a private location to negotiate the terms of your divorce with the mediator. It gives people the opportunity to save their money and use it to better reestablish themselves after separation.

Gaining New Skills

While it may be difficult to think of divorce as an opportunity to learn and gain new skills, it is possible. In mediation, you must adapt and learn to negotiate successfully. If you cannot do so, you can take your case to court. Having open communication is another important element in this process, as you will need to honestly discuss your divorce elements with the mediator. All of these skills are transferrable to other areas of your life, especially in parenting.

Positive For the Kids

A divorce will be challenging for children to process regardless of how it is approached. It is vital for them to have support from both of their parents so that they can remain as comfortable as possible. Mediation gives parents the opportunity to spend less time and money in the divorce process, allowing them to redirect more positive efforts into their children. Furthermore, the positive skills gained during mediation can be used while co-parenting. As a co-parent, you will continue to communicate and negotiate with your ex-spouse.

Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C. Is In Your Corner

If you are about to navigate a divorce, having an attorney on your side is crucial. The team at Mack & Santana Law Offices, P.C. will listen to all of the details in your case and determine what approach works best for you. If mediation is a viable option, we can help you prepare for the process, answering any questions that you may have.

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